Technology Areas

Software development:

  • C and C++
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java/J2EE
  • Web development

Systems architecture:

  • Linux and FreeBSD
  • Embedded/semi-embedded
  • Network design
  • Internet services; Apache, BIND, Postfix

This list is not exhaustive. Ask me for more details.

Software Consulting

I love to write code.

More than that, though, I take pride in doing things right. I rarely sacrifice quality for quantity. I live and breathe agile development practices, and I sum my development style up in these three core beliefs:

  1. I believe in rapid iteration and frequent interaction with my customer.
  2. I believe in quality and design software for testability.
  3. I believe in getting things done.

For you, this means you'll hear from me often and see your project evolve almost as fast as I do. I design for testability and make sure to include unit tests; this speeds development and ensures quality as complexity increases and requirements morph. Moreover, I believe in accountability. Frequent interaction means that you see your project evolve through live software demonstrations. Later in the development phase, these demonstrations become product-ready code; so when you think it's done, it's done.

Please take a look at the technology areas to your left; these are my core competency areas. I am always learning and growing, so it's likely this list is already out-of-date!

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