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Dreamfire Solutions, n:
1. Personalized software and IT project support.
2. see: geek.

Hello and welcome to Dreamfire Solutions, your source for personalized software and IT project solutions.

Dreamfire Solutions is the trade name for myself, Sean Rees; I'm the owner of the well-coiffed mug you see to your right. I have a diverse background in software and network engineering ranging from small internet service providers to large government laboratories.

I live and breathe software and I'm eager to discuss your needs. I engage my clients directly, honestly, and with your interests at heart. I'm not a big operator, but I can make a big difference for your project.


Sean Rees
Principal, Dreamfire Solutions

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Sean Rees, Principal

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Sean Rees, dba Dreamfire Solutions, is a geek, software consultant, and web/application host based in Dublin, Ireland. For more information, please drop him a line »